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For parents of children in this part of KwaZulu-Natal, Penguin Tutoring Pietermaritzburg offers the best way to inspire the leaders of tomorrow.

A tailored one-on-one environment has proven to reduce learning related challenges, with less pressure and a more holistic approach. For many children who are at public or even private schools, the learning process can be challenging – some may even find it daunting. The short hours that comprise an average day at school at also far too short to cater to additional learning that may be required.

This is what makes extra learning such an invaluable tool – helping parents find peace of mind, and children learn in a more flexible environment.

Pietermaritzburg Private Tutoring

Pietermaritzburg private tutoring caters to children across the city, with a broad range of both basic and specialist subjects. Operating within the educational industry since 2005, Penguin is the only national provider of specialist academic tutors, giving your child the distinct advantage of this extensive knowledge pool.

Subjects that we cover include languages, numeracy related fields, business fields, vocational studies, basic school subjects and many others too. Browse our website to find out more about the subjects that are covered by our specialists.

Find Tutors in Pietermaritzburg

For parents looking for the best tutors in Pietermaritzburg, you have come to the right place. Our approach to learning goes far beyond improving grades, although this is certainly one of the results you can expect. We also work along with each child's own skills and capacity for learning, to devise a tailored plan that is beneficial to all involved.

All of our extra lesson facilitators are screened for skill, character and overall suitability, and are also given training to allow them to do their best at all times. They are A students at Matric level, who have gone on to become students themselves at leading tertiary institutions.

Find out more about Penguin Tutoring in Pietermaritzburg by browsing our website, or call us today on 079 161 2740 to book a tutor in your area.


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