Penguin Tutoring Durban

Penguin Tutoring Durban gives kids of the sunshine city the best help across a wide range of subjects, with a holistic approach that delivers results.

Learning is something that begins right from birth, and continues for the remainder of our lives too. For children, the educational experience is not always as smooth sailing as it could be – every child has their own skills after all, and schools are not always equipped to deal with any challenges that may arise.

This is what makes Penguin such an excellent tool for the future of our country. We work with your child to not only help them achieve the results they want; but also to inspire a love for learning at the same time.

Durban Private Tutoring

Durban private tutoring is available across the city in areas such as Westville, Pinetown, Morningside, Berea, Chatsworth, Queensburgh, Durban North etc. We offer a carefully screened selection of facilitators on offer across various subjects. Aside from basic subjects such as Maths, Science, English and Afrikaans, we also cover extra subjects ranging from languages, to vocational subjects along the likes of Human Sciences, Technology and Business Studies, plus many others too.

This ensures a diversity of learning areas, along with varied outcomes and goals across each area. Whether your child needs help studying for an upcoming exam, or simply wants to brush up on their Biology understanding, we are here to assist with a team of experts across each field.

Find Tutors in Durban

Finding such tutors in Durban is no mean feat either. After all, not just any school leaver has what it takes to inspire young minds. All of our tutoring experts earned final A or B qualifications at Matric level, and are current tertiary qualification students themselves. Screening for skills, capability and character is done for every applicant to ensure that only the best are accepted to our Durban team.

Contact us today on 079 161 2740 to find out more about Penguin Tutoring in Durban, or browse the website to learn more about what we do.


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