Client comments

Eska Aucamp, client

"Katie is progressing very well,her average went from 29% for her last spelling test to 70% after her lessons started."

Lynne, client

"Samantha adores Elena and she is even doing the homework she is being given (without us having to nag her)."

Penny, client

"Farai gets along with Farzana and we are happy to have her as Farai's tutor. "

Chasiwe, client

"I can see the difference with Aluta's well-being as well and the confidence is growing within her."

Erika, client

"Nicolette's tutoring went well and we were very impressed with Dewald's teaching, thank you very much."

Gaynor, client

"Wesley is coming along fantastically with the help of Este. We are now reaping the benefits of the tutoring - Wesley has gone from an E symbol to a B symbol in his tests at school. I am more than ecstatic with these results as you can well imagine."

Tean, tutor

"Hi Patti, Thanks for the great workshop. I really enjoyed it and I have gained a lot. I really enjoy the tutoring and I appreciate all the effort that is put in. Keep up the good work."

Joseph, tutor

"The workshop over the weekend was, once again, very helpful and feel that this continued interaction will be mutually beneficial."

Illana, tutor

"It the most rewarding feeling knowing that you have given someone hope, courage and a way forward."

Fiona, client

"Penguin tutoring has really been great. The tutors are young, dynamic, flexible and are well prepared for the lessons. A pure delight."

Andrew, scholar, aged 9

"When I go back to school, I'm going to feel like a cat landing on all four feet."

Patricia, client

"I am very happy with the services i'm getting, Stephanie and the other gentlemen who's giving music lessons, are always punctual, reliable and Khanyi is understanding her subjects much better, I'm confident that there will be a great improvement in her exam results."

Jeraldene, client

"And thanking you again for providing us with such a calibre of tutors - Alex and Basti's marks have improved and we are all very happy. "

Andele Nel, client

"Annalize is an absolute star! Thank you so much for all the caring!"

Lisa Key, client

"Thank you for your professional support and the wonderful Claudia!"

Lindelwa Ndziba, client

"I am extremely satisfied with the progress Miliswa has made. Not only has her maths average increased substantially, but so has her confidence in maths., and she is very proud of her achievement. I am sure she will let Nadia know what her term 1 mark when she gets her report next week. Many thanks to Nadia"


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