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At Penguin Tutoring Co, it is our goal to give a holistic approach to educating those at school, and help in improving the tools and skills that will help to make a difference in the future of the children of today.

The tutors at Penguin Tutoring are carefully selected, character screened and trained so as to offer you the absolute best in home tuition for your child. We understand that the approach to learning needs to be done in a specific manner and each learner needs to be especially catered for - you need look no further than Penguin Tutoring to invest inexpensively in your child's future.

Our business first opened it's doors in 2005 and is now operational in every major city in South Africa. For every hour of the day, many times more hours of tutoring are delivered, with great result. We understand the anxiety felt in seeing your child battle at school, and will move swiftly and professionally to aid them in building their confidence and understanding.

We strongly believe in the value of an excellent education. Although obtaining this in South Africa can be a challenge, we look to supplement a child's learning during their school years to form a solid foundation on which to build a successful and fruitful career.

We look forward to engaging with you.


Physical Address
5 Englewold Drive Saxonwold 2196
South Africa

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Johannesburg 071 288 8919
Pretoria 071 314 6098
Cape Town 076 181 5644
Durban 079 161 2740
Winelands 082 374 9927
Pietermaritzburg 079 161 2740
Port Elizabeth 071 288 8919
Customer Service 082 374 9927

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